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Next Steps Coordinator

Job Title: Next Steps Coordinator
Direct Report: Ministry Teams Director
Full or Part Time: Part

I. Position Summary 

The Next Steps Coordinator is passionate about connecting with individuals and helping them grow in their relationship with Christ, their connections within a faith family as well as deepening relationships with others who follow Jesus. The Next Steps Coordinator brings valuable energy and insight to the next steps ministry as well as oversight for teams at Renovation such as the Next Steps Track Team, Connections Team, Salvation & Baptism Team, Communion, as well as the measurable data that accompanies next steps. This includes communicating with guests, shepherding leaders, maintaining resources, overseeing systems and processes to ensure the teams are well equipped and well cared for.

II. Scope of Responsibility:

  • Provides valued insight and ideas to team meetings (weekly &amp; monthly all-staff)
  • Ensures all Next Steps events are equipped, resourced, and led with excellence and that participants receive their clear next step.
  • Resources, supports and oversees leaders within the Next Steps Ministry Teams
  • Utilizes the on-ramping process that takes place for any new volunteers joining the Next Steps Teams. This includes overseeing recruitment, training, placement, and retention of volunteers on these teams.
  • Works to improve teams &amp; systems (including but not limited to process ques and checklists) of the Next Steps Ministry.
  • Ensures cohesion of all communication across Next Steps Ministry Teams.
  • Creates and manages a comprehensive document reflecting Next Steps Team statistics
  • Oversees a system for weekly distribution of hospitality resources (Next Steps print materials, baptism t-shirts and supplies, Sunday supplies for Next Steps Track, and communion supplies. Maintains the environments checklist, evaluates, and revises them as needed.
  • Ensures follow up communication with first time guests and those wishing to take the next step in membership, salvation, baptism, etc using Church Community Builder.
  • Assists in maintaining and updating the follow up processes for guests wishing to take Next Steps at Renovation including first time guests, serving, membership, baptism, etc.
  • Provides weekend experience attendance numbers for Next Steps Track team and any additional next steps such as salvation, baptism, first time guests, and Next Steps classes is properly documented.
  • Assists in working with the Host Team Coordinator to ensure all next steps cards are properly processed and any follow up processes are completed utilizing the Connections &amp; Next Steps Track teams.
  • Continuously has intentional conversations with leaders and team members alike to ascertain personal testimony to the overall culture and health of serving.
  • Reviews budget line items monthly, update divvy accordingly, and assist team members with these tasks as needed.

Other Responsibilities

  • Works in collaboration with other team members or areas of ministry to create experiences and environments that engage every man, woman, and child at Renovation Church within the Host team context.
  • Provides additional administrative assistance to Ministry Teams Director and Groups Director to allow for margin in their schedules for larger projects.
  • Perform all other duties or special projects as required.
  • Utilize project management systems including Basecamp for executing community-wide/church wide events.

III. Qualifications

PERSONAL OWNERSHIP OF THE MISSION // Should already be an active participant in personal ownership of the mission and vision of Renovation Church through generosity of time, talents, and treasures.

TEAM MENTALITY// Collaboration is key for this role. The Next Steps Coordinator is capable of working efficiently with others in leadership, taking feedback in a positive manner, and putting diligent effort into preserving the “team” culture.

INTERPERSONAL &amp; COMMUNICATION SKILLS// This role plays a critical part in communicating at group trainings and one-on-one leadership development settings. This individual should be able to communicate details on a micro and macro level.

RECRUITMENT & COORDINATION// We have been given the task of stewarding the people God brings within our reach. A main component of that stewardship of people is the ability to see in others what they may not see in themselves. The Next Steps Coordinator should have experience in developing volunteers and should continuously seek to grow in this area. They should find joy and excitement in seeking out new team members for specific areas of ministry and seeing to it that systems are followed to provide healthy placement on teams in leading a thriving Next Steps Team by on-ramping new volunteers.

TRAINING &DEVELOPMENT// A great Next Steps Coordinator has to have an ability to communicate to guests and volunteers but also has the desire to be personally developing themselves into a better communicator and leader while also developing volunteer leaders who will do likewise.

TECHNICAL SKILLS// Must have the ability to be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, familiarity with church management software (Church Community Builder) so as to build forms, groups, create profiles, analyze volunteer participation, and record attendance.

SELF MOTIVATED// Ability to prioritize and produce assignments without management from Ministry Leaders. The Next Steps Coordinator see’s areas of need and works to meet those needs within the context of where they serve.

FLEXIBILITY // Remain flexible and teachable with those you lead and those who lead you. Maintaining a positive, collected attitude through the midst of chaos (technical issues, service interruptions, etc)

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