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We believe that God is always working, never not working in the hearts and lives of people. Renovation meets every Sunday, online and in person, for gatherings that communicate the hope found through Jesus Christ. We worship together through engaging music, stories of life-change, practical teaching, and many other elements to help people connect to God and take a next step in their faith journey. At Renovation you belong.


Our mission is to reach every man, woman, and child and give them repeated opportunities to see, hear, and respond to the gospel.

VALUES (The Intersection Of Hope)

Our church values are four guiding principles that determine our behaviors and decision-making priorities. We call these guiding principals the  intersection of hope. As long as the things we do are rooted in one or more of these values, we know we are living out our authentic identity as a church.


What you believe about God is the most important thing about you. Life is difficult and confusing, we are here to help. Renovation is a place for people in every stage of their spiritual journey… it’s a place where you can belong even before you believe.

While Renovation’s ministry is innovative, what we believe about God is not. Our core beliefs are centered in Christ and His message as found in the Bible. We believe in one God, who is eternally existent in three persons–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe Jesus Christ is fully God and became fully man to save a lost world. We believe that the Holy Spirit guides every believer the moment they place their faith in Jesus.