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Reno Internships

Reno Internships exist to build up future leaders and students to reach every man, woman and child.

The internship will focus on building and equipping the student (input) as well as challenging the student to grow through valuable experiences and stretching opportunities (output). Reno internships consist of 2 semesters that are each 4 months in length. Areas of ministry opportunity include: Children, Students, Production, Creative Arts, and Host Team.

Who can apply for an internship?

Reno Internship applicants must have a personal relationship with Jesus and a heart for Renovation Church’s mission & vision to reach every man, woman, and child. Applicants must also be in their final year of high school or in college.

How can I apply?

The Reno Internship application is currently open.


Are Reno Internships paid?

No. The Reno Internship is not a paid position within Renovation Church. Trips, activities, or events that interns are expected to be at will be covered by Renovation Church.

How many hours per week are required?

10 hours per week plus Sundays