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Summer at Renovation!

Summer at Renovation is one of our favorite times of the year because we believe it is one of the greatest seasons for intentionally focusing on growth in our relationship with God and in relationship with others. Summer is more than just sun and sand, we believe it’s about doing life together. We are a church that loves to have fun, to celebrate what God is doing, and to serve our community together. Our hope is that this summer, every family that calls Renovation Church their home will grow in their faith and in community by engaging in at least one upcoming opportunity with the Renovation Church family. Let’s make summer 2023 the best summer yet!

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We believe that every man, woman and child need the hope, joy and peace found in JESUS. We dedicate our Sunday gatherings to celebrating the goodness of GOD and giving people the opportunity to see, hear and respond to THE GOSPEL. We hope you will join us in-person and online every Sunday.